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Why Choose S.A.B?

The insurance company employs its own adjusters and they offer to pay a sum as they see fit; in other words, what is to their advantage. On the other hand, as a Public Adjuster, we are the exclusive representatives for the policyholder, that’s you, and we work diligently on your behalf toward a more favorable adjustment and final settlement.

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How Will S.A.B. Assist YOU?

We will advise and assist you the policyholder in presenting your claim. Remember, in as much as the insurance policy puts the burden on you the insured to prove damages and to present a detailed account of your loss, having a licensed public insurance adjuster (claims advocate) on your side, levels the playing field.

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How Do We Get Paid?

We charge a small percentage of the settlement of the claim, which is established at the very beginning of the adjustment process. We are paid after the claim is settled, upon you receiving payment of your entitled insurance proceeds.

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Insurance Claims Specialties


Homeowners, condominium unit owners, rental property owners and condominium associations and HOA’s.


Warehouses, strip centers, malls, building owners, sick buildings.  Businesses include retail, service companies and restaurants.


Windstorms can vary from small roof damage to completely demolishing your home or business.  In most cases, when storm damage happens, there is usually water damage that occurs to the inside of your property.


Heater puff backs are caused when a oil burner furnace doesn’t ignite when it should.  All of the vapors build up in the chamber and cause an explosion that blows soot throughout your home.  When this oil soot goes airborne, it is very difficult to get it out of furniture and clothing.  Walls, ceilings and floors will need to be cleaned and painted but, if the soot gets behind these items, replacement will often be required.


Water claims occur in many ways.  They are the most common claims in the insurance industry.  We handle everything from freezing pipes, toilet over flow, hot water tank that ruptures, washing machines, dishwashers and ice maker supply lines that bust, to name a few.


Fire Damage is one of the most devastating things that a homeowner can experience.  In most cases, it is the biggest investment that someone can have. After a fire occurs and the firefighters leave the scene, you will need to make an important decision that will affect the outcome of your claim.  Call SAB Public Adjusters immediately to start looking out for your best interest, not just some adjuster that shows up after the fire.