Frequently Asked Questions
Should I call the insurance company before I hire a Public Adjuster?

No, a public adjuster will help you to decide if it is a covered claim and if it is worth reporting this claim to your insurance company. Insurance companies keep records on your calls and will often count a call as a claim; this may raise your rates even though you never really wanted a claim to be reported.

What is a Public Adjuster anyway?

This person is an insurance expert who handles dwellings and commercial property damage losses.  S.A.B. Public Adjusters, for example, will represent you on your claim against your insurance company.

Why Does the State of New Jersey have Public Adjusters?

Most people cannot interpret their insurance policies and therefore are not on the same level as the insurance company representative, who does this type of work everyday.  And so, the INSURANCE COMMISSIONER has licensed PUBLIC ADJUSTERS to look out for your best interest.

I am NOT Happy With My Insurance Settlement. What Can I Do?

You have up to five years from the date of a claim to have your claim modified.

Can My Insurance Company Drop Me After a Claim?

Yes, an insurance company can basically do as they please. They can raise your premium or drop you after a claim. The bottom line is your insurance company makes the rules and decides if you are a profitable customer to them? The watch phrase here is buyer beware.

My Roof is Leaking. Should I Report this to my Insurance Company?

No, this is not a covered loss. The repairing of the roof is a maintenance issue and is not covered by your insurance policy. The insurance policy only covers the subsequent damage.

The Insurance Company Requires Three Written Estimates. What Do I Do?

There is no requirement in your policy that requires you to get three estimates. The public adjuster will put the estimate of damages together for you and save you the trouble of getting three estimates. Further, the estimates have to be written on a per-line item basis and most contractor estimates do not comply with this. If your three contractor estimates are not detailed, the insurance company will ignore them. Most contractors do not have the software, knowledge, or time to write estimates for free.

My Contractor Said He Will Negotiate My Claim?

The only people authorized in the state of New Jersey to negotiate and settle an insurance claim are:

  • The policy holder
  • Public adjuster
  • Attorney
The Insurance Company Said the Loss is NOT Covered. Can I Still Hire a Public Adjuster?

Yes, but a public adjuster will only take on assignments if they feel it should be covered? That is why it is better to meet with a public adjuster first to help guide you through the claim process. Once your loss is denied you may need to hire an attorney.

I Want to Report my Claim and See What They Pay Me Before I Hire a Public Adjuster.

Most public adjusters will charge more for a claim once submitted, as it is now more work to undo problems that existed before they entered the case.